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Blake Massey

Sales Associate

(404) 474-8506

Blake has extensive experience with real estate investments, real estate consulting, business development, and project management. His out of the box techniques have allowed him to be one of top professionals within the real estate industry. He is also known for creating very strong relationships with all of his clients and referral partners. Prior to working for Tri-Oak Consulting Group, Blake worked as an Investment Real Estate Consultant at Skystone Acquisitions, Project Manager at C&S Builders, CEO of Massey Consulting LLC, and Senior Analytical Chemist at Water’s Agricultural Labs INC. Well versed in many fields, he knows how to navigate the sometimes complex and intricate waters of real estate. In an ever changing industry, you need to have someone on your side who understands all facets. His passion is helping clients use real estate to build wealth and financial freedom by leveraging debt, equity, and cash flow.

Blake earned his B.S. in Chemistry and B.A. in Business from Valdosta State University and is a licensed real estate agent.

Blake Massey
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