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Ellis Royal

Inside Sales Associate

(404) 287-2864

Ellis is currently earning his B.B.A in Commercial Real Estate at Georgia State University that will allow him to leverage his strong analytical and interpersonal skills to provide immediate and lasting value. He is known for his ability to understand the needs of his clients and maintain a high level of communication and engagement. Ellis has a diligent work ethic that enables him to further connect with people of all backgrounds. Prior to working at Tri-Oak Consulting Group, Ellis worked at an auto dealership and was an apprentice with a local HVAC company where he increased sales by $35,000 in 3 months.

Ellis is a current member of the Commercial Real Estate club at Georgia State University. This has furthered his knowledge by examining the processes and techniques of analyzing real property as an investment medium as well as effects of market conditions and government policies upon real estate investment.

Ellis Royal
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