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About Us

We are in the business of building a real estate brokerage company that is built to last. Our drive and commitment to constant improvement, balance, and professionalism help us overcome obstacles and implement creative solutions.  

Our Roots

Greg Fitzgerald, founder of Tri-Oak Consulting Group, jumped into commercial real estate brokerage in 2002 out of a strong desire to take charge of his professional destiny. In 2006, after four years of experience and a relocation to Georgia, Greg took another leap in order to build his own team and to find a better way to broker.  

Over the years, our company has had the good fortune of helping our best clients complete several successful transactions by being persistent and active, while maintaining a high level of effective communication.  

When considering a name for the firm, Greg thought of a beloved feature of his grandfather's Northern Michigan vacation property: a massive oak with three trunks. For Greg, "Tri-Oak" conjures the stability, resiliency, and growth of that tree and speaks of the value of nature, family, and relationships.

Our Approach

At Tri-Oak Consulting Group, we seek to deliver the clarity, confidence, and expertise our clients need to make the most intelligent decisions for their interests. We do so by first gaining a comprehensive understanding of the unique attributes of their situation and the environment in which they operate. This fact-based approach is complemented by our tenacity, teamwork, passion, and high-touch methods. The result is innovative, systemized solutions based on our clients' unique challenges that are supported by a trusted leadership partner.

Knowing that our success is ultimately built upon the success of our clients, we do our work with a strong commitment to excellence and a strict adherence to our unique process and core values.

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